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  1. I can't subunit a ticket
  2. Messaged drogo no compensation so far
  3. mine has been and ive been banned so many times
  4. my mains fine, just clear your userdata before you start cheating. Also dont share any phone numbers/emails
  5. it's detected lol that's why you got banned instantly
  6. Literally mate the name came as trade knife, why would I even have a knifeon the account, second I've never turnt on steam guard, thirdly I've purchased so many accounts and never failed to copy and paste correctly before. I literally only have this trouble when purchasing through you, when I purchase off steamby directly I never have this problem.
  7. Haha mate I'm telling you now I don't copy no spaces
  8. I get this problem a lot though, I've baught accounts, password is incorrect, they are quick to help but the account is already game banned by the time I get on it. Although, there customer support is fantastic and they're quick to sort out any issues just message doc on discord