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  1. I know undetec status, but do you personally use spoofer for rust?
  2. spoofer for rust is now undetect or there is a ban?
  3. when will rust be undetected? A month has passed, the subscription is over, and I want to play with the cheat.....
  4. when fucking Rust or you have frozen the project, for two weeks there are tests, even there are no new updates, now I have run out of subscription and I can not even use spoofer, I know that the days will return when the status will change to undetected, but when it happens and will happen at all?
  5. when the rust is fixed, if I run out of subscription tomorrow, I won't be able to use spoofer, and will have to wait days for a refund?
  6. What kind of nonsense, a week rust in the status of the test, the developers are completely lazy? at least change the status to detect, it will be easier for me
  7. By the way, I ran tests and found that a ban at the moment, comes after one day of use cheats
  8. using cheat you get banned, it depends on time, everything in this world is not infinite. In average cheat held two weeks and then there is detect
  9. when there was the last security update for the cheat, I know that EAC saw it yesterday, but maybe tonight administrators released an update who can tell about it or tell where to watch the update history?
  10. Do you have data, were bans after the last security update?
  11. I wanted to ask a little else. Now an update is being tested or an investigation is underway?. Just exactly yesterday the EAC saw a cheat.
  12. In the morning, the cheat on Rust has become undetect, but now the test is again, can it be used by the user or does the EAC see it?
  13. a small update came out last night, and my reseller doesn’t know what the problem is, it’s probably your part