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  1. wouldnt you be pissed if you spent 50$ on a cheat that didnt work also aperently the cheat needs to be updated by the devs
  2. nah he just got off cuz he got pissed ill tell him to dm you later 🙂 also he looked at all the videos and guides
  3. no spread no recoil... doesnt work
  4. when will this be fixed also climbing walls doesnt work aimbot isnt working
  5. my friend bought rust lvl 2 wall hacks are not working his game crashed every time he opens the cheat with item esp on or show entities aimbot isnt working aither we have tried many things..... fix your cheat.
  6. My friend bought a one day rust cheat through debit card and he is curios when will get it also he got it from nitro solutions does he have to wait for him to get on?