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  1. are you in fullscreen? If not just go higher with your mouse and there will appear a dot, this dot needs to be on the button
  2. how can you not change the settings?
  3. Unless its not "Testing" or "Detected" yea
  4. yeah idk which kind of keyboard you got, pos1 and home are the same, should be the upper left button above the arrow keys
  5. Cause they didn't update the cheat yet thats why its so buggy but it works
  6. Press the home button on your keyboard (or POS1) and click on "player esp" then make a check at "show friendly" and click the home button (or POS1) again, done
  7. Okay my flower children, to fix r6 esp just go to the settings and enable "show friendly", if you cant change the settings well you should be able to because everyone can. loader is working again have fun
  8. you need to buy the amount you want on https://mianbao.selly.store and then he will send you the gift card
  9. Just answering now lmao, yes thats right
  10. Faunn

    Banner Showcase.

    Could you make me one too? :)