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  1. Thank you for the answer, but there is still question. While the rust in the" test " subscription is frozen?
  2. For that received this ban? Play on account 2 days, on the second day of the game get this ban. What could I have done wrong? Or can be cheat/spoofer detected
  3. Faced with the problem of perpetual bans, the spoofer works, but still bans. I would like to know enlightened people what are the main steps to start the game after the ban.
  4. Apparently the Spoofer does not work , I was banned after 5 minutes of play. Without cheat
  5. After using spoofer nothing changes, what could be the problem? I look with the help of AIDA64
  6. Sorry for my English, spoofer work ?
  7. Is Spoffer in working order ?
  8. How to use the spoofer separately from the cheat?
  9. Also waiting for rust, I hope the developers will cope with it until Thursday, just on Thursday, the global waip
  10. You also got a lot of accounts ban? Use test loader?
  11. I had static ip how it could affect these bans ?