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  1. Hi Joanna are you able to check my status because I’m sure I had a sub than and I’m not a VIP thanks for your time @joanna
  2. Hello friend where is the link to your store sorry if I’m asking a stupid question I can’t see it must be blind
  3. Hi do you have any more escape from tarkov accounts please DM me on discord Grumpyone#5302 thanks friend
  4. Friend could you please pm me I’m interested in getting some rust accounts how much are they thanks
  5. Thanks again friend if anyone needs anything hit this man up very fast to respond and to give you your product 5 star service thanks @Naton
  6. Subscribed friend keep it up
  7. @Naton your the best my friend and if anybody needs any software from this store hit Naton up his very good and quick to get you all set up highly recommended thanks again @Naton
  8. Thanks very much for your quick service and response really appreciate the help you provided have a good one friend
  9. Hello friends is it possible to get rust hack and pay with PayPal if someone can help would be great