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  1. The cheat for R6 Siege has pretty much gone down hill. It was undetected for so long but shorty after they started trying to implement teleporting it got detected and a lot of people got banned including me. I would stay away and try to find a more private cheat that is ESP only.
  2. Does anyone have the link for HC troubleshooting?? The Bios and all the other stuff u have to change if the HC isnt working?
  3. Are the cheats up and running after the game update?
  4. TheOne


    Is it too late to change the number? Is there a safe way to seperate the accounts?
  5. TheOne


    If i only use the cheats on my smurf for R6 Siege can my main account also be banned if i get caught? I have 2 step verification for both my smurf and main used under my same phone number.
  6. What are the chances of being banned just using ESP? And on top of using ESP ill be still droning, still using cams and not obviously tracing and wall banging people. Does anyone have a track record of using these hacks on their main account for a long period of time without being banned? And im speaking ESP only, im in no need of an aimbot/recoil hacks ect. What extra safety precautions can i take as well not to get banned?