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  1. Anyone have the invite to the discord?
  2. Lol they want customers to test but we don’t even get comp just because we “bought while in testing”. No one would have thought it would be going on 30 days that its still in testing.
  3. Bought 10 coupons off John! Will update when I use the first one thanksss
  4. Is this real? I would be a continuous client I love chick fil a
  5. No need to be a dick to the ones being nice. I'm having the same problem, only thing we can do is wait for admins & then not buy from him in the future.
  6. It’s been 18 hours, I see other people saying they’re having the same problem. He also doesn’t respond but reads messages, after I bought I sent him the confirmation order and he read it, I then messaged again saying “hello”, which he left read. Finally asking him for an update he said I will receive an email when my order is processed so I ask for an eta & he says “no eta”. I understand it can take some time but to be paying that kind of money and then not only getting ignored but not having an estimated time to wait is a bit ridiculous. I would not recommend buying through NitroSolutions.
  7. Yea we’ll its different when they read your messages and don’t reply, I’ve had a horrible experience buying through nitrosolutions, I purchased and he didn’t message back after I sent order ID & just read it, I had to message 2 more times just to get an update with “no eta”. Time zones and having lives has nothing to do with them not replying when they’re online. It’s called customer support which resellers are suppose provide. Definitely won’t be buying through him again.