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  1. change1337


    lol yea i know xD its not about windows xD
  2. change1337


    do you guys supports i9 9900k ? and if im not banned in r6s should i still use the spoofeR ?
  3. omg i waiting for it time to get r6s ❤️
  4. I User a random shit Long Time Abo , so i Bus everything new *+ Level one and im Fine
  5. ive got banned on main account but on old pc , should i make a new account ?! to play legit and play it again to the top 😄 ? and how much would i need to waste for the game and so on
  6. so it locks obv into walls .. so it makes no sense to buy level2
  7. does R6S have an visual check on the aimbot ? or locks into walls ?!"