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  1. Will the HWID reset when I upgrade the memory
  2. When I insist on using the test loader LATEST, it says I still need to reset the WHID
  3. no,It can be used on the updater
  4. But my Reseller doesn't know what to do either.Because he just reset HWID for me and it works on the updater
  5. Hello, dear administrator,I lost three free HWID resets due to the VPN change.I got another HWID reset through my dealer,BBut something strange happened. When I downloaded the new loader,It still says let me reset HWID,I didn't load any VPNS this time.So I need your help,please.
  6. 说错了,HR不是绑定的硬件码,还有记住别乱挂VPN再启动加载机,这会让你损失解绑机会,就如我一样。