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  1. From my experience with the cheat when I have used the Nuke option I wasn't detected but that was late at night and I don't believe any admits where actually checking or on for that matter xD. I did this on the asylum server so wasn't an unpopular server. But another thing I've noticed is that admins will ban the newest players that join as they're usually hackers, or to the admins "most probable". So if you played on a server for awhile and then nuked or murder a few, I doubt you'd be banned for it, that's if it doesn't show up in the logs. Honestly couldn't say for the logs as I have no idea on how to check em xD... Hope this advice helped slightly tho ❤️
  2. ⭐Arma 3 Infistar Global Ban Help⭐ Hey everyone, I'm creating this post in hopes that if any of you have been banned by Infistar you may potentially be able to be unbanned. ***This is not a guarantee, but it is worth a try*** So to just give you an anecdote, I recently purchased the Arma 3 hacks at level 2 entry. I used them for 6 days on Arma 3 altis life, KOTH, and Gun Game. The cheats worked perfectly, with fundamental issues, and I was not banned from a single server for acting legit in my plays (So basically using the aimbot and Esp, with no recoil and sway). But also to my knowledge none of these servers used Infistar. To digress, on the sixth day I decided I wanted to play exile on Arma 3 (Which is a modded server) and with that I got global banned by Infistar because I believe they're able to detect the misc features within the cheat. *** If you goto my other content I've Uploaded, you will be able to read up a full description on my ban as I've posted it under the Arma 3 Ban Section *** To just clarify, I am now going to walk you through step by steps on how I managed to get unbanned by Infistar, and hopefully it can help you to get unbanned as well 🙂. Green Color Text = Me Pink Color Text = Infistar Admin/Helper Step (1): Goto the Infistar discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/jg8zVFF) and upon arrival head to the "# create-a-ticket" channel. Step (2): Once in this channel type the following "?new Hey I was recently banned I have no idea why, I wasn't cheating, glitching or anything among what could be considered intentionally exploiting. May I please be unbanned as feel the ban was fasley given." This is the exact thing I wrote so PLEASE do not just copy it word for word as they may realize this and not even attempt in unbanning you're account. Try writing something along the lines of what I wrote myself. Just ensure that your are trying to pledge as an innocent player, and you are confused to the situation. Step (3): After you have created your ticket, wait until someone from Infistar direct messages you. Once they have they will most likely say "please provide us with your steam64ID so we can help you"... With that now just COPY AND PASTE your steam ID which can be found on your profile page in the URL. The ID is a combination of long numbers which should look like so: The blurred out section of the image is where the combination of a long number is located. If you continue to struggle to find your steam ID try the website I link here: https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/Faqs/000027522/Finding-your-Steam-ID?fallback=en_GB If that link above does not help, then please result to YouTube or other websites. Moreso back to the topic, once you paste your steam ID to then in the direct chat, just await for their reply. For me the Infistar admin replied asking "Why do you think you are banned?". To which I replied, "I don't know I joined an exile server was running around for abit, I glitches up in the air to the point of which I could parachute, then landed and went to work for evening, and came back to a ban" I wrote this in a rush and on my phone at the time, but it is exactly what I told him or her. So my advice for you is to not copy what I have said as this is my own case and you wouldn't want them to realize that. Just use what I have said as a guideline and relate it to your own experience of why you believe you was banned. But the key here is to make sure you relate you're experience to a GLITCH in-game. For my case I believe I was banned for using the flying feature in the exile server, as when I did try to fly, the flying was very glitchy as if there was a anti-cheat trying to stop me. Hence why I have exclaimed on the fact that I glitched up in the air to the point of parachuting. Whereas In reality I flew up to that point using a cheat xD. Step (4): The last stage to this... Finally among you're short reasoning of why you believe you was banned, and depending on the reason you provide the Infistar admin, they should ask exactly how did you get into this position. In my case the Infistar Admin said "How did you glitch into the air?" Among which I replied "Went to get in a car but there was another car spawned inside of it perfectly, so I just thought it was a singular car. As I got in the car they literally had a glitching war and I thought nah fuck this, I'm going to get out before they blew up. However they didn't and as I was exiting the vehicle, the car flung up in the air with me exiting it and next thing I knew I was falling and then parachuted. I've tried to explain this to my best ability, all of this happened in such a rapid succession 😅" As you can see from my explanation I have played the Arma series for awhile, and with that I have seen such ridiculous glitches like this happen. So I played upon it and the Infistar Admin Unbanned me, Thankfully. So for this final part Just try to make up the most realistic type of glitch explanation relating on what you said that happened in your reasoning part in Stage 3. Hopefully the Infistar admin should see that it is plausible and therefore unban you! If you're stuck for excuse to come up with, i'd recommend going on YouTube and looking up Arma 3 glitches that can potentially be mistaken for hacking 🤣. Just try to ensure your glitch is plausible and that it can potentially also be a ban able offence in some way. Of course mine was to do with flying, so I linked it with glitching up in the air xD. So just try to apply to concept. If you have any questions or find anything confusing please do ask! Im just trying to help those that have been banned by Infistar as it is an optional feature for servers to have. Im sure in good time the cheat dev team with find a bypass, but if not try using this as a solution to be ubanned, thats if you was in the first place. Underneath I am going to include picture of the chat between me and the Infistar Admin, much love Dong ❤️ This is a transcript of the ticket, just to add if you do get unbanned your direct message will change to this: