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  1. Have you tried limiting your dps? My games > Apex > Settings (the cogwheel) > Launch options. In there, type +fps_max 60
  2. +fps_max 60 fixed it for me. Also, try uninstalling faceit or anything like that if u have it installed
  3. Pretty sure there were some problems with past cod cheats on this platform, which is probably a big reason on why they choose to avoid this. I see what you mean by everyone can make a cheat for cod, and i respect your stance.
  4. Just saw "Windows 1903 now officially supported on all our cheats!" So I guess //Closed?
  5. Since many cheats have problems with 1903, I was wondering if the Apex cheat works for Windows 1903, since I dont really feel like going to 1809. Thx in advance