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  1. You need to contact one of the resellers!
  2. Fuck everyone else, HyperCheats got the best cheats anyways
  3. To start off, i just want go give a big thanks to the amazing devs which makes these cheats possible! I think alot of people using the cheats take that for granted. So again, a big thanks to the devolopers and the amazing community which I already feel welcome in after 2 days ❤️ UI 10/10 Overlay for the cheat is really easy to use, and functions without any problems! The Setup 10/10 This is the first cheat ive purchased on here, so i had to download the loader. And i must say that it is really easy to download with the great tutorial on how to do it 🙂, It took me around 10min to get started with cheating. Loading the cheat is also very easy! ESP 9.9/10 The ESP works really good, it never lags out while i am playing, however it can lag a bit out when i die or spectate. Other than that, the ESP is really good and gives you a great advantage 😄 Conclusion 10/10 This cheat is defiantly worth the money, and i would recommend everyone to try it out for a week! The cheat gives you a really big upper hand on the enemy team, which makes you almost never lose a game. This cheat is also very safe to use, i havent been accused of cheating yet! and ive read about people who have used this cheat for a really long time, and havent been banned. All in all, this cheat is a must-buy if you play R6S
  4. Nice, i guess i need a new mouse anyways, lol
  5. +Rep, he added me on discord and got me the money to buy cheats within 5 min. I reccomend everyone to buy from here!
  6. What kind of software do i have to install? ive run a pulldown on Arma 3 before, and had to put the script in AutoHotKey. is it the same with this one? and if so, where do i find download for the software? (ive sent you a friend request on Discord)
  7. Nice videos, cant wait to get the rust hack when it becomes undetectable 😀
  8. Remember that there can be admins watching, doesnt look legit if you are running around like a headless chicken 360 no scoping everyone (not to you, but people that are getting banned)
  9. Can you get caught and banned for using it?
  10. Hello there! joined the community today, and ive already gotten a warm welcome ❤️ cant wait to buy some cheats from here.
  11. Hmmm, I drink bleach
  12. Nice review! probs gonna get it myself