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  1. Prices: Note: If you are looking for a specific game, just ask. I accept payments via PayPal Balance/BTC/ETH/QIWI or PaysafeCard(+25%) To buy: DM on the website or add on Discord: OP1X3R#0001
  2. I do have Rust accounts in stock, feel free to contact me on the website or over Discord. Accepted the request.
  3. Do you need 1 for ragehacking or legithacking/playing legit? (DM me on the website)
  4. DM me on the website or PM me on Discord.
  5. I have them already, they have ~520hours on Rust.
  6. I have different types of account, most of them are cracked, active are cheaper while inactive accounts are more expensive. You are always able to change the password & email, but keep in mind that changing the e-mail cancels the warranty.
  7. Just added Hour boosted accounts, contact for more info!
  8. Hour boosted accounts coming in 2 days
  9. Do you need a fresh one or a cracked one?