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  1. It depends on the level you're talking about. For lvl 1 Rust, it's $14/day and $75/month - The lvl 2 version is $30/day and $150/month. https://hypercheats.gg/store/category/3-rust/
  2. Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck to everyone!
  3. Have you tried going through the 3 resellers on the forums yet?
  4. Paid for 50 - waiting on coins (will update when received). EDIT: Coins received less than an hour after he woke up, all 50 with no problems. +rep
  5. A spoofer doesn't change your HWID permamently, unless previously stated on HyperCheat's website. Every other spoofer I've worked with, cheat or not has worked this way. That was my understanding, as that is how it is for everything else I've used. As well, the cheapest cheat is still base $8 USD, which isn't entirely worth it imo if you aren't going to use the cheat. If you could let me know where you found that the spoofer is permanent that would be great. EDIT: I think the lapse of understanding here is that you are talking about if you keep your subscription. What Goku is asking is if he can buy the cheat for a single day and it would change his HWID after his subscription ran out. No other HWID spoofer I've seen implemented in cheats has done this, and from everything I've found here so far, this is not how it works. (Buy cheat = use spoofer - cheat sub runs out = no more spoofer).
  6. I'm almost positive that the spoofer only works when the cheat is running, and not as a constant spoof. This could cause problems with other services and HWID checks anyway, so this is just the way it is. Maybe in the future they will add a standalone HWID spoofer for separate purchase, but who knows. Hope that helps.