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  1. I've been using hypercheats since it first launched, the r6 cheat was recently down for a day or so and we were told we'd get compensation but I never received anything. Hopefully they sort it out and are able to give the compensation as a long time supporter it'd suck to see support dwindle
  2. Trao

    RB6 is Safe?

    I used the level 1 ESP cheat for a week straight and didn't get any bans or anything its safe
  3. Trao


    At the end of the day its a public cheat, you're not 100% safe, could be down to user failure or could be the cheat gets detected. Don't cheat on an account you want to keep. I'm sure if you reformat and remove all traces such as IP/mac address and start clean with a new account and the HWID spoofer you'll be fine and if you get banned your main account won't be banned with it.
  4. Trao


    Yes, you would pay $50 USD every 7 days for the level 1 cheat. You aren't forced to but if you want to keep using the cheat you will need to.
  5. You can check the status of the cheats by going to the "Status" page.
  6. @banek192 is the official paypal reseller. Contact him if you'd like to buy via paypal
  7. 2 hours should be more then enough time for coinpayments to confirm the BTC transaction. Just be patient
  8. You can buy it just for one week if you'd like, there is no commitment to renew. @banek192 is the official paypal reseller.
  9. You cannot purchase with PayPal at the moment. A PayPal reseller is being set up but is not available right now.
  10. Yes you can personally configure the bind, however I found some buttons didn't work when I tried such as X etc, but most work yes
  11. Trao

    Ways to pay

    If you took the time to look you'd see they only accept crypto currency at the moment. A paypal reseller will be set up shortly
  12. If you paid you will be added to VIP when it's confirmed, link your Transaction ID from coinpayments to a Staff member if you need any further help.
  13. No, now that it's been confirmed your access will be given to you automatically soon, the system takes a while to validate it then you should be good to go, if you're not VIP in a few hours contact staff