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  1. like a title 10€ paysafe for 5.5€ paypal
  2. i am patient. but i want to know is it take a long time, more 1 day or 2 days or when ?
  3. hi Yesterday i opened a ticket because Windows stopped working when loder loading and then showing up a massage asked me to buy HWID so how long take my ticket to open it Note; I did not change my Hard Disk so i do not know why there massage ask me to but HWID
  4. Yes it was wrong and unfortunately too late I paid to buy HWID but if still showing up to me next time i will make ticket
  5. I bought cheating and did not change anything but it appeared in front of me
  6. this massage showing up to me your HWID does not match and you have no resets left. what mean it ? thx
  7. where from i can but bitcoin ? thx for help