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  1. 3 weeks on siege over here 🙂, you must have done something wrong
  2. that background made me scrub my monitor for ages! https://gyazo.com/1a5927da6c9fa9b6e0d26cc9c1fe7b49
  3. Hi, i've used the cheat for awhile now and i got banned when r6s got detected, since then I put the cheat on a USB and i haven't been banned since. From what I can remember the devs said that it was the launcher that got detected and not the ingame cheats. 100% worth buying, since the recent R6s update alot of other cheat providers have been down but HC stayed up and there cheat still works perfectly. 🙂
  4. https://gyazo.com/611262aa0978135b3047698fd3dffa5d
  5. he just told you why, the AMD processors aren't any good for cheats they don't work well, either get an Intel or stop moaning.
  6. Processor should work fine, its suggested you use winvr 1809 but it will work on 1903 but I believe there can be some bugs, its all down to you and whether its worth taking the risk to find out, the cheat works flawlessly for me on winvr 1809, and works okay for some on 1903.
  7. IM Back, lemme know if you want anything.
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