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  1. Made some more banners, Enjoy! Taking payments via R6S Day tokens 😉
  2. Dave1777

    Profile Banner!

    @matej just got back off holiday will do it when i get time
  3. yes thats why you have to use one of the resellers, @gnarkillz60 @banek192 @NitroSolutions
  4. It happened last Sunday for 12hrs straight..
  5. title says it all, is anyone else getting this?
  6. Dave1777

    Banner Showcase.

    @saifsyed8904 Ryn#5735
  7. Dave1777

    Banner Showcase.

  8. aimbot is working fine for me, ive got it all on default havent touched the settings apart from fov which is on 53
  9. Dave1777

    Profile Banner!

    @massfrosty I make them all to my liking and if others like them its a bonus, taking money for it wouldn't be right as i do not make them to order i just create something.