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  1. Leeibe

    R6 cheat

    Thanks! Saw the status update and just wanted to see if anyone had an experience in it. Thanks for all the work you do guys and I'm sorry if some people arent patient or treat the dev's not like people. Yall rock.
  2. Leeibe

    R6 cheat

    Anyone tried the r6 cheat recently. It says updated on the website now.
  3. Leeibe

    Hwid ban

    I have a fresh account that I've never played on. So just run the cheat a d spoofed that come with lvl 1 then I'm good?
  4. Leeibe

    Hwid ban

    Hello, before I purchase had a question. I'd I've been hwid banned before will purchasing the r6 lvl 1 or 2 cheat allow me to play? I know it comes with an hwid spoofed but if my current hwid has been banned already will that affect it? Cheers mate