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  1. Thanks a lot man your actually really helpful. One more thing I promise, How would I know that the spoofer is working or not.
  2. Wow thank all of you guys for the help the one answer I am confused about is if I play on my main it gets banned without the spoofer... is a spoofer built in with the cheat? or do I buy it separately. Is it hard to setup? What does it do? fake my ip or something?
  3. Hey! I have been looking for some fun to cheat on rust and I was wondering. 1. How do I know this isnt a scam/virus 2. If I get banned does this affect my main steam account. 3. When I buy the cheat does it come with a rust account? 4. How can I trust this site. 5. How do I run the cheat if I buy it and make it work