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  1. today 3 account received EAC ban. one of them RUST run last time 20.07.2019
  2. Hi, everybody. I got on your website for recommendations. I saw you have a Russian receiver and turned to him for the purchase of cheat. I bought cheat on RUST 11 on may, 13-14 on may RUST moved in testing. cheat I bought on month. why today I accrued a total of 20 days on the loader? it even remained on my loader in the day when cheat passed the test. WTF ?
  3. Yes, I know. but when will that be?
  4. someone is already playing with cheats, and someone bought cheats 2 days before the start of bans and now sitting and waiting for compensation.
  5. I bought a cheat on RUST may 11. May 14, everyone started to get banned. cheat was transferred to the test. today, July 9, and I have not received compensation. it turns out that I bought the cheat for a month, played for 3 days and I haven't even added my 27 days that cheat was in the test. Why?
  6. by the way, I bought a subscription to the cheat two days before the transfer of the product to the test.
  7. I am ready to help you in testing your product. I do not ask to compensate me for the money spent on new accounts. I am ready to continue to buy accounts and test your product, but since I have run out of subscription, I can not do it. if you add days to my loader, I can continue to test your product and maybe it will help you.
  8. I bought rust cheat on may 11. After 2 days, started bans every 24 hours. Status cheat was testing. I paid for 30 days of use cheat. Every day I bought a new account in the hope that the cheat will fix that. Today, over 30 days, and the loader will no longer work. I understand that work on the cheat being done, but I have a question. Maybe you will add days to the loader? Or are you asking me again to pay for a month who cheats on the test?