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  1. Update: so from what I noticed the aimbot only works if the option "aim only when visible" is off if you turn it on it will stop working for some reasson
  2. thank you and another question. How many fps are you getting, I seem to be getting way low then average about 50 fps
  3. what about your hotkeys? did you change them?
  4. Hey, I need help setting up a config for my rainbow six siege level 2 cheat. I for some reason could not get the aimbot to work. If you guys could also help me understand what non sticky aim is I would really appreciate it. I will leave my current aimbot config here for you to tell me what I am doing wrong Best regards.
  5. @banek192 is this your official post and does the purchase links there are legit and still work? https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/rainbow-six-siege-trading/4567859-hypercheats-undetected-r6-private-cheat-hwid-spoofer-1-day-1-week-1-month.html
  6. Can someone please sell me the Rainbow six siege level 2 cheat for a week with out much fee. If you accept paypal that would be awsome. I texted a bunch of resellers but no one would text me back. Please dm me or send me a message on discord (Viper1919#1008) Best regards.