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  1. Oh Ohk, great.. And is spoofer still undetected?
  2. Hi guys, I want to reactivate my r6s subscription but before that just wanna know how is it at the moment. I think from last 1-2 months it is under testing, so is it Ohk to use or is it still under investigation or something..?
  3. Just wanted to ask one question... Is hack updated after ember rose's release? Or is it still pending?
  4. Hi All, I want to purchase Level 2 hack for Rainbow Six Siege so just wanted to know what is the status of the hack, is it detectable? Is BE HWID Spoofer fixed or still having issues? Is it updated with new season Ember Rise? Thanks in advance
  5. Not for me... It is Giving me HWID error do not know why...
  6. Currently everyone is also facing loader issues...