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  1. I see. So essentially i can just redeem the code from the reseller now, and then use the credit to buy Rust whenever it goes undetected again?
  2. I received an "E-gift code" from the reseller that im supposed to redeem somewhere on this site. Is it correct that my subscription doesnt start until i redeem said key?
  3. So i bought a Rust subscription gift code from a reseller. However the Rust cheat is in testing, and has been for a while, and afaik people get banned in around 2 hours with the current build. My question is, does my key last forever? If not, how long until it expires? Cause i'd much rather redeem the subscription when the cheat is fully undetected again.
  4. My order is coming up on 24 hours now too. But judging from the other replies to this thread, im probably gonna be waiting another few days atleast. Maybe its faster to buy from another reseller and use this key next month 😆