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  1. This. You can use esp, no sway and no recoil. But unlimited ammo and the other Rage Features arent super safe.
  2. Battalion 1944 is where its at. 150 a month sign me up!
  3. I dont know, I think something is wrong with the cheat at least partially. I bought the cheat for me and a friend last night. We played for less than an hour and we both were global banned when we woke up today.
  4. Yeah we used it last for less than 10 mins last night and just got game banned today...
  5. Can you make a support ticket? Or no cause not vip right?
  6. These accounts are banned from the steam market?
  7. YES. Cant find anything good on the interweb for this one. The game is not super popular though hopefully we can still get a cheat tho.
  8. If I read the other thread correctly then it should “work” on all servers but, it prolly still leaves logs to the admins. So stuff like flying and silent aim work. They might not get you insta kicked from the server but you still have the chance of getting banned manually from the logs being to obvious. Lol please someone school me if I’m wrong!