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  1. The software of other games is frequently updated and the functions are constant. ARMA3 has not been updated since its introduction. The long-awaited script injector has been silent for a few months. I am going to crash, or you can increase the price as soon as possible. I will buy how much. Instead of doing a semi-finished product to perfuse us. Our request is not high, just need a script injector.
  2. When I started the software logger, it didn't react directly to disappear. Can still be used in the morning, suddenly in the afternoon
  3. Is it my own reason to flash back when I open it?
  4. The question now is when you can say that the script injector and BYPASS INFISTAR can be installed. We have been waiting for months, since the plan was announced.
  5. 現在的問題是你說的腳本注入器和BYPASS INFISTAR時尚,我們已經等了幾個月,因為計劃已經公佈
  6. Not bypassing INifSTAR means that the recoilless function cannot be used, otherwise it will be kicked out of the server or blocked. But ESP can still be used (although some options fail)
  7. The security is really good and the software runs very smoothly. This must be praiseworthy, but there are still two main problems: 1; that is, most of the ARMA3 games have adopted the INFISTAR anti-plug-in plug-in, which leads to quasi-software can only be applied with a small number of servers; 2, this is A very small problem, but it affects the battle. Many options of ESP are invalid, such as bones. In addition, the box marked by the BOX option can be changed to transparent instead of dark black, because the enemy often hides behind the cover, and the dark black blocks. The line of sight makes it impossible to judge the enemy's position. Even led to the discovery by the administrator (administrators often stealth to detect the player opened the perspective, if it is a dark black box is difficult to judge whether it is an administrator in a short time) In short, I am very grateful to the author for creating such a good work, but for a better gaming experience, I hope to solve these two problems as quickly as possible. As far as I know, this software has a lot of Chinese customers. It will be China's summer vacation in a few days, so I hope that the author can speed up, at least the first problem does not solve the software sales really have a great impact.
  8. I hope he has time to solve this problem as soon as possible. After all, the problem is that ARMA3 software is almost impossible for me (because the INFISTAR anti-plug-in plug-in has been popularized in ARMA3), I only hope to solve the problem of BYPASS in, other updates. For example, script injection can be delayed. If you want to be able to convey what I mean, even if I can pay more.
  9. Is it possible to update within a week, I am really afraid that ARMA3 cannot be updated before the end of the summer vacation? After all, this plan was announced in early May, and now it has been nearly two months, I am not sure how long it will take.
  10. The script injector is secondary. BYPASS INFISTAR is urgent because it directly determines the value of the software itself. At present, most ARMA3 servers have this plugin. I want to know how long it takes for BYPASS INFISTAR to join. One week or one month? In addition, ESP seems to have problems, can not display the distance and block of the vehicle, I hope to join this function, but this is not important, I hope the author first solve the problem of BYPASS INFISTAR, thank you very much.
  11. I am willing to add some more money. Can I add this BYPASS infistar function as soon as possible, even if it is still technically impossible?.........
  12. ARMA3 does not have the functionality of the BYPASS IN plugin, so his cheat functionality is not available on most servers. I want to know if the author has a plan to update the function of Arma3.