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  1. When can arma3 join a script injector, I am willing to pay $150 a month for it
  2. But this is not an after-sales problem, but a technical problem of the software. We are not asking for compensation, but we hope that the software can fix this problem as soon as possible. I don't think this has much to do with reseller, or that the software you sell to reseller is not the same as your direct selling product.
  3. the same to me.just occure in entering into the vehicle
  4. It’s just a small game patch update for ARMA3. It’s been three days since the technical team didn’t start repairing the software. Is this the attitude towards customers? As a consumer, I feel very angry. It’s going to be over the weekend, is it going to be delayed until next week?
  5. At least so far, even the most basic game state still shows that it has been updated instead of the game is being updated, which means that the technical team did not do anything in more than 24 hours, now it is not a weekend, but a working day.
  6. Roughly how long will it take? And when is the technical team planning to join the script injector function?
  7. Arma3 just updated a small patch of 40MB, causing the software to be unusable, I hope to fix it as soon as possible
  8. I was also banned, I am sure I have not opened anything else.
  9. ARMA3 has been updated recently, and it has not been fixed so far. HR does not attach great importance to ARMA3, so I think it will drag on for a long time. The problem is that I just renewed the fee. The software has not been used in one day. The current state of ARMA3 also shows normal use, so this situation can be automatically Renewal? My English is not very good, and some of the posts are not very clear. So I want to ask for advice?
  10. ARMA3 updated a big patch, the software is currently unavailable, I hope to fix it as soon as possible, today is the weekend, I hope not to delay our use.
  11. The software of other games is frequently updated and the functions are constant. ARMA3 has not been updated since its introduction. The long-awaited script injector has been silent for a few months. I am going to crash, or you can increase the price as soon as possible. I will buy how much. Instead of doing a semi-finished product to perfuse us. Our request is not high, just need a script injector.
  12. When I started the software logger, it didn't react directly to disappear. Can still be used in the morning, suddenly in the afternoon
  13. Is it my own reason to flash back when I open it?
  14. The question now is when you can say that the script injector and BYPASS INFISTAR can be installed. We have been waiting for months, since the plan was announced.
  15. 現在的問題是你說的腳本注入器和BYPASS INFISTAR時尚,我們已經等了幾個月,因為計劃已經公佈