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  1. HC Coins kannst du von Resellern erwerben, dort kannst du gegen Gebühr mit bspw. Paypal, CSGO Skins etc. Zahlen.
  2. Last update took 2 days or smt I think? But I think it's not the problem to update the skill, it's the problem to get the admins on it. And to your second question. I think this will take much more time. Skill is broke since release and some features are detected by Infishit, so before they don't find a way to bypass/kill Infistar, a Script Executor is not in the near future.
  3. Yep offsets got changed, so they have to fix it.
  4. Cheating is never safe. There is always a risk of getting banned. EAC is not dumb, if the cheat is getting detected somehow, you'll be banned too. But HC is a good provider when we talk about security, as long as HC stays undetected you will be safe too.
  5. Not it will just prevent you from getting HWID Banned. HWID = Hardware ID, so you can cheat on another account without getting instantly targetted by the ac.
  6. Squad Cheat would also be great?