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  1. Hey everyone, about a week ago I bought the Rainbow Six siege hack not knowing all of the crap you had to do before using the cheat. AFTER I bought the cheat it told me everything I needed to do to use the 50$ cheat... First things first I had to WIPE my entire SSD and change my windows version completely. This means you have to uninstall everything and re-install a whole different version of windows. This uninstalled all of my games which meant I had to re-install everything. Getting to version 1809 in windows is not easy either it took a tremendous amount of TIME and effort. By the time I got to windows 1809 and got everything installed, it had been about 2 days since I bought my hack and both of those days the hack was DOWN and not able to be used. So when I got to the new version of windows, I try and login to the website and it says I need to verify my account using Google Authenticator which I don't have anymore because I made the account a very long time ago. The website does not recognize my computer anymore because I switched to a different version windows. So now I am locked out of my account and cant even download the loader. I spent the whole day talking to support which is the SLOWEST process ever. One of the support members said I have to contact an admin to get me back into my account but he sent me the loader so I could use the hack. I login into the loader and it says I need need a HWID reset because I changed my windows versions. I tried loading up the hack before I downgraded my windows, which gave me a blue screen, because I couldn't figure out how to downgrade it so it remember the HWID of my old windows version. So when I tried to login into it, it told me I needed to pay for a HWID reset. I told the support member about this and he told me to contact an Admin which I did. It took FOREVER for him to respond and when he did he only helped me with half of the issue. He reset my HWID but didn't get me back into the account and still hasn't. He will not help me and I am still trying to get into my account. I told him I have access to the corresponding email of my account but he will not do anything to help me. He says it defeats the purpose of 2FA and he refuses to help me get back into my account. Him resetting HWID allowed me to use the hacks BUT it said I only had 2 days left in the hack. I payed for a week of the hack and was trying to get the hack to work, waiting on the support members to message me for 4 of the days, and the ADMINS will NOT give me a refund. I was physically unable to use the hacks for 4 of the days and they still will not reset my time. This is so ridiculous. Today I tried to load up the loader and it told me I need another HWID reset. I have had so many problems with HyperCheats and the support members ave been terrible along with the Admins. So I payed for a week and only got 2 days, still locked out of my account, and the loader is not not working again. This whole process has been awful and would not recommend it to ANYONE.