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  1. How come that they still haven't given you support role lol? You are trying so hard to get it (probably to get free sub).
  2. 2 bans in 3 days and you are still impressed :D?
  3. A lot of people banned within a short time...status still says "Undetected" lmao
  4. I made a support request requesting compensation now.
  5. Haven't received compensation for the lost time still. Cheat wasn't usable when I bought it.
  6. Still nothing, haven't received any kind of compensation.
  7. Update: My sub expired and noone compensated me for the lost time.
  8. I doubt you have spoken to one of the developers, so why are you so sure about that? Trying hard to become a Supporter?
  9. Hello. This is my review for HyperCheat's DayZ Cheat: Positive: - It's undetected (atm) - Skeleton ESP, Vischecks and NoRecoil + NoSway are very nice features Negative: - Hypervisor drops my FPS from ~100 to ~25 which makes the game unplayable - The most important feature, speedhack, gets you kicked when modifying on server - Half of the visual features don't work, like ESP boxes and HP bars for example - Support is basically non-existent, only advise I got are things like "have you tried lowering your ingame settings?" or "do you have something running in background?" - Almost every user experiences crashes and huge FPS drops with the cheat, the devs don't seem to care at all though, the cheat is still being sold and no updates are being pushed All in all, my whole experience with HyperCheats is very disappointing. There are way better providers for DayZ (not gonna name any). The cheat is broken but still being sold and supporters/moderators/admins ignore us. -> 2/10 Edit: Drogo promised he will look at DayZ, if he can fix the crashes and performance drops and we get compensated for the lost time I'll update this review