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  1. bones is listed on the cheat menu all none working options are listed in the lvl 1 menu sub ran out cant test it
  2. After using the cheat 24 hours now, or better to say 19 hours due i had problems starting it and the support could not help for five hours, maybe because i got two responses (1st: what the error code (i wrote in the ticket that i bluescreen and the supporter asked for a error code)| 2nd: try this (didnt helped) ) till i fixed it myself. First injection and i was pretty hyped. I played many rounds and i cam to this occlusion. The cheat is too expensive for that what he offers: ESP working FRIENDLY ESP working BONES not working THICKER BONES not working SHOW NAME not working SHOW DISTANCE not working SHOW INFO not working two more i forgot from 10 feautures only 2 working is bad for an cheat that cost 8$ for 24 hours. ANOTHER DISADVANTAGE The last 4 hours of using the cheat i random dropped down to 1 fps, that is not playable. The last 30 Minutes i dropped to 1 fps every 30 seconds, after reinjecting and restarting pc same problem. At that point i quited playing. RESULT Many things need to be done to make it a good cheat. Fix the not working options Fix the fps drops they make it unplayable Or lower the price I wont buy it again! I maybe buy lvl 2 to look into that. greetings zordem