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  1. which is the cheapest reseller that uses paypal, the cheats are already expensive i dont wanna pay an extra 10 dollars lmao 😄
  2. lukecccc


    Thanks for the reply, Im going to get the level 1 i think, as the level 2 is extremely expensive lol. Thank you for the reassurance 😄
  3. lukecccc


    If you are playing ESP only, very legit, how long does a rust account last, on non official servers? Will I get perma banned quick or no? I want an account to last a week ideally.
  4. My first question is, if I use the Dayz cheat, could I play for like a week without getting banned? Or is it more for like a few hours? Second question is (probably a stupid question) can I use dayz cheat with mods, on modded servers, or is it only official. Last question - Are there any coupon codes for the dayz cheat? It is quite expensive, thanks! 😄