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  1. And would you be able to give an example of whats availble
  2. Are there games there that are not listed in the store to everyone?
  3. You must have a decent status on this webstie
  4. I just want to start off by saying I have not personally bought from hypercheats, but I do want to make it clear that if you are trying to find a cheaper cheat, you most likely wont find it, I have tried buying from multiple sites, enough to add up to a month of level 2 fortnite cheat on hypercheats, NONE of the sites work, all because I was looking for a cheaper option, DiamondCheats I have 90% sure it is a scam, I have bought there top one twice and did not hear anything back, no emails, nothing, do not go buying from them, HyperCheats is going to be your best bet on a working cheat that will protect you from HWID ban, this site is deffinitely where I am making my next purchase when I earn back money that I stupidly lost to other sites, do not be like me and take a chance on other sites, I have two friends that have bought from this site so I am positive that this site is legit Just warning people that any other website besides hypercheats is most likely a scam, so stick with this site 🙂