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  1. i was able to make one and did shortly after!
  2. is there any kind of way to change hwid or any way that anyone knows of to remedy a hwid ban?
  3. like stated before i already reformatted my drive and reinstalled windows, i only keep everything on one harddrive so ive already done that and i also said i always use a vpn so it looks like the answer is the spoofer doesnt work right and i got hwid banned
  4. i thought i remembered seeing a thread on here for rust that other people had the same issue, but i cant view the threads anymore since my sub expired, but all the same people were gettting banned in servers like rusty moose after just joining without cheats and getting manual game banned after like 10 minutes
  5. i always used a vpn and the spoofer
  6. well this happened to me, somehow my main account got banned too even though i hadnt even logged into since cheating, i reformatted hard drive and reinstalled windows, still got banned loading on a new account to play legit, i dont think its from ip because i always played with a vpn on and still got banned (game banned) always used the spoofer too.
  7. i also cant view any threads on rust considering my sub expired nor could i do a support request
  8. hello, my subscription just recently expired, i keep getting instant game banned every time i join the rusty moose server, i already reformatted my hard drive and wiped everything and i load in all legit and got kicked and game banned within 20 minutes of playing normally, any help would be greatly appreciated