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  1. I beg to differ. I've been asking for a vouch for several days and you've given me nothing but the run around. Wheres the lead support you talked about opening and creating? Or did you just want free stuff..cuz all I asked for was a vouch.
  2. I have a few r6 accounts. 10.00 a key. They are US bound and purchased from the sale.
  3. Still available ?
  4. Do you have any extra codmw ? I sell out quickly. I need them in bulk. Any level.
  5. These are all level 155. We legit boost account on live. I think the cheapest I can do is 65.00 but this is for a unfinished account. I think its 138? All other accounts start at 100.00 You basically buy a max level account without risk of ban. For the cost of deluxe. Hope that's helpful. I've had 1 sale so far. Can you vouch once you confirm the account is good?
  6. Hi. Fresh call of duty accounts. All from legit streamers. We boost accounts and start over. It's a team of players. None of the accounts have any cheats on them. However all stats are different. Some have gold guns. Others have completed the cooperative missions. All accounts are max level and in good standing. It takes 5 days to rank to 155. PM me here if interested. We have another group of streamers that play the following: RUST [ONLY 2 ACCOUNTS] DIVISION 2 WARFRAME ARMA 3 DESTINY 2 CSGO RED DEAD 2 [ONLY 1 ACCOUNT] WARTHUNDER ALL ARE UNITED STATES. I'm the only cheater but I stream as well. I've started collecting accounts and learned cheaters need high level US accounts to bypass some early countermeasures & detections. So let's work together for the holidays. I'll be the middle man. PM me if your game is not on the list. We have some single player streamers that play jedi fallen order and outland.
  7. Admin can we close this till I figure out legality and in which countries? I don't mind offering admin my channel for vouch.
  8. Oh account theft. I get it. Maybe we can get me a few vouchers first. However my reputation is known by other private trusted cheaters here. As you said privacy is important. Cheers.
  9. ASK ME ANYTHING I am a full time streamer on twitch and youtube. I am very interested in multiple income streams and Leveling has been successful for me. I own literally every game not the market for the xbox or PC. Including VR. I play heavily on android. I AM SPONSORED. My leveling is safe. ALTHOUGH THIS IS A CHEATING SITE. I LEVEL WITHOUT CHEATS. No risk of bans. Current services: GEARS OF WAR 5 BORDERLANDS 3 COUNTER-STRIKE GO FORTNITE PUG MOBILE
  10. HI So we go through a lot of numbers where I work. Most get thrown away. I've asked to resell these and my boss said it's fine. They are physical SIM Cards from the US. They register hotmail or gmail or hotmail. This includes steam or any platform that asks for a number. Numbers have a cost. Usually 5-8 dollars for a physical sim. Activated and unusable. Just enter into a unlocked phone. These are all legal. To use data you have to purchase data with your own credit card. But you get a text or phone minutes for 1 month. Want to rent a number? 10 dollar flat rate for 1 week. These are premiums and I can reset a number once every 2 weeks. I accept eth btc PayPal or subscriptions here. I prefer subscriptions here. Admin i can provide proof. Thanks!
  11. Hello admin. I am a long time beta tester for real live projects. I have access to some private cheats. Because of this I have access to multiple os and different testing capabilities. How do i find my referral link? I want to sell the app. May i open a store? I can offer sim cards for registration for new game accounts. Another member recommended me here. Thanks