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  1. Drogo


    You bought 1 day... So it expired after... 1 day.
  2. Given that you do not have a sub, that either explains your issues or you are asking in the wrong place. Please contact your re-seller.
  3. There are many methods to speed hack. Some are easily detectable, some are not. It is very possible to make it impossible, but it comes at the cost of performance. If they put the all speed-checks server-side, then they can cause their legitimate users A LOT of issues. It's certainly doable, but the problem with speed-hack flags is that they are not always caused by 'speed-hacks...'. If someone has a crappy internet connection, it's very easy for the server/AC to interpret this as a speed-hack. Let's say they make it so that if someone is detected to be speed hacking, they get banned/disconnected. Legit player (Johnny) is 2 kills away from winning, then their lil sister decides to stream the latest episode of My Little Pony at peak-time, their bandwidth gets chugged down by My Little Pony, and Johnny gets disconnected from the game, or banned because of it. It leaves the door open for a lot of false-positives, so the smarter idea is for them to try and block out methods of doing it, as opposed to setting it fully server-side or instantly banning on such flags. The way that our speed-hack works is very different than what Average Joe does with their cheat.
  4. Hi there, This is not the kind of things we do. We try to stay away from niche things like this, it makes no sense for us.
  5. Taken directly from HyperVisorCopyPaste.com
  6. I only pay my lawyer 50k! What will I do? His lawyer is mathematically 2x better than mine! AHHHHHHH Because that's what people do, they pay lawyers 'per year' because... Stuff.
  7. I really wanted to, because it was entertaining, but... I figured life has trolled him enough.
  8. Have you ever asked a question and were met with a quick, snappy, somewhat angry response when you had done nothing wrong? Has it ever happened that you felt like it was taking a while to get a response from a staff member? Well I've put together a nice, fun, example of what kind of things we deal with now and then. Enjoy the read! https://imgur.com/9yiJ8SQ Next time you get a quick, harsh response... There may be a reason in the background xD.
  9. Hi, thanks for the suggestion. What you are describing is a tactic usually used by private platforms. The initial payment ‘buys you trust’, the following payments are what the platform really thinks it’s worth, and as with most private platforms they are worth jack shit.
  10. Hi @juregi. If you purchase via a re-seller, they are the ones covering the fees. - Converting Paypal money into money in their bank, comes with fees. - Purchasing BTC to pay us, comes with fees. - Making a profit, requires a fee. - Taking a risk, deserves a fee. Re-sellers have to take quite a risk every time they accept a payment, and it must be worth it for them. If something goes wrong, the re-seller must still make the payment to us, or they risk losing us as a supplier, which means they will try to cover their backs, and will have to make their time worth while. If you wish to avoid the higher fees, feel free to purchase via our store, through BTC.
  11. We don't provide anything for that game.
  12. No sub... Why are you even asking these questions?
  13. No sub, no answers to such questions.
  14. Hi Kalibur, It might, but if it does, you can simply DM me and I'll remedy the situation for you 🙂