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  1. The main reason why you shouldn’t compare us with 99% of providers out there is because we do things totally different. While we don’t have a perfect record, every time a detection happens, devs are closing a loophole that can never be opened again. Every time they make a move, it shows a vulnerability that we fix which can never be exploited again. There is a limited amount of these, and eventually they will run out. Our software takes longer to load, causes crashes at times, but it’s a game that has an end. They are basically fixing vulnerabilities for us by detecting, causing them pleasure in the short run, harm in the long run. Updating to a new version opens more doors for them to go through. So we don’t want to give them any kind of advantage they can exploit. The more they do, the more we learn as well, and once we’re comfortable with the knowledge we have of their strengths and the weaknesses introduced by a new windows update, we’ll make the move. Until then, we’re happy to make them suffer a little more.
  2. Heya Apelsin, As it turns out, you do not have an active Sub on our website. That is usually the first sign of the HWID error showing up. If you've purchased our software through a re-seller, you will have to go through them to get your issue resolved. As far as I can see, you do not have an active sub, and that explains the HWID error message. If you're more worried about the fact that the error is in 'Arabic' (I may be wrong), then the system is picking that up as your main language. You can resolve this issue by removing other languages from your Windows installation.
  3. Some users were experiencing crashes, the majority were fine. We’ve made some changes to help out the lil guy but that was not the norm.
  4. We’re already well in the process of bringing EFT out, however it’s taking longer than expected. It’ll be here, eventually.
  5. Hi there, While I admire Adrian's enthusiasm, game subs given to supports are for tried and tested Supports, and are chosen by the admin as opposed to the preference of the Support, as the rank is used for testing and information gathering. Being a Support is a choice, not quite a job. As Adrian mentioned, we will not be offering a life-time option on any of our games. We've found that a majority of providers who offer such options were either scamming or prepping for an exit scam. Those that did not exit scam, were still considered exit scammers as they promised 'lifetime' and that is just not something that anyone can really offer in this business. Buying longer subs usually equates to more money up front, but less money in the long run, much like buying in bulk. We offer a 6 month sub on our services, which is a long time and comes with a pretty hefty discount in comparison, and I believe that would be the the best choice in this situation. Have a great day.
  6. Hi there, The major patch fix was on 05/03. 20/03 was some stability updates. As I posted above 2 days ago, and the update date was 05/03, that classifies as a few weeks ago. So, while you say it's not true, it's true. If you did not use the cheat from 03/03, then you should go have a chat to your re-seller for misinforming you, as you only missed out on 2 days of play there. Compensation will go by the dates that the software was not usable as advertised, until the date where it was updated and usable, not the days you chose to use or not use it. Thanks.
  7. To settle this. Our software is optimised for 1903. Some users have no issues on 1909, others do. We haven’t fully looked into 1909 so you may get lucky or you may not. We suggest 1903, attempt 1909 at your own leisure.
  8. Hi there, Our software was updated a few weeks ago to work with the latest TD2 patch. This was indeed announced, however you've never purchased TD2 from our website, so you would've never seen the update post. So I'm not sure what you were expecting. If you did buy our software through a re-seller, then re-seller communication is what you should be expecting. While re-sellers do not represent HC, they are the lifeline for their customers. Until you become our direct customer (a sub on our website, whether purchased via the store, or a re-seller), you will not have access to the things our direct users have access to. Thanks.
  9. Hi there, HC does not have any bearing on our re-sellers choice to accept or deny customers. Re-sellers are their own entity and business and you are officially their customer when you purchase from them, not ours. We do not have any say nor influence in who the re-sellers accept. Unfortunately this is one of those situations where the person that cannot help you is the only one who you can ask for help. Alternatively, please seek out another re-seller.
  10. Drogo

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    Buy a day. Test :).
  11. Hi, Thanks for the heads up. We'll look into it.
  12. Hi there, We still suggest 1903, as it is the latest version we've specifically worked with. 1909 seems to work for most users, but not all, so we don't want to make any guarantees with regards to it.
  13. Well... This has been something we’ve been discussing. We know there is a market for it, we’re not quite sure how big that market is, but we do have some assets already in place for this, so it’s a definite ‘maybe’.
  14. Do please keep in mind that the Kakao version is not up to speed yet.