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  1. Thanks for your review. We’re aware that the Rust cheat could very much benefit from an optimisation run, we’ve just been too busy trying to stay ahead of detections and what-not to concentrate or be able to justify spending time on optimisation. Regardless, we will be taking a good long look at that aspect of it in the near future.
  2. Hi there, The solution is buying another account that has DayZ on it. There is no way to circumvent account bans.
  3. Hi there, Not really. Features such as ESP are a pain in the ass for devs to detect, and quite easy for us to fix, so they always try to dig a lot deeper than that, which is why usually if it's detected, it's detected whether you are just using ESP or not. In general theory, using nothing but ESP will make it less likely you get banned due to other variables such as an admin watching your game-play, or your KDA.
  4. Hi Smea, Please see your ticket response. Thanks.
  5. Hi there, It is just another cryptocurrency. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptocurrency
  6. All answers provided here pretty much sum up the issue, and it appears it has since been resolved.
  7. Hi, at this point in time, we have no such plans. AMD's virtualization is absolute balls and would not support the way that we run our software.
  8. Hi there, The blue-screens have nothing to do with the watermark. The watermark is caused by our HWID spoofer removing your Windows Activation for increased protection. This can be re-activated so long as you have a Windows Key of the appropriate version via commands or a Windows re-install.
  9. There are a few reasons why we will be avoiding doing this. First and foremost, as Banek said, these games have very little security in terms of anti-cheat and that is what most of our market and development is based on. Second, as mentioned, this will end up with a ton of cheat providers as anyone can make a cheat for a game like CoD. Lastly... We don't want to mention lastly, but we don't think it's a good idea.
  10. Hi there, Unfortunately, our only payment processor at this point in time is Coingate. I would advise using a VPN to get past any country restrictions you may be faced with.
  11. Sorry about the delay on updating the status, I was away from home after updating it for the latest patch and nobody else was in a position to change the status. It was fine about 3 hours after the update dropped.
  12. Hi there, You can open a ticket and request a HWID reset while you do not have an active sub, this is by far the easiest and simplest way to ensure this happens with no delay to your sub. Once you are ready to purchase another month, open a ticket in the HWID department requesting to be reset, mentioning that you do not have an active sub, and I'll happily do that for you. Thanks.
  13. We've made some stability improvements to the core of our software. This should in theory make it so less crashes/BSODs occur. Please restart your computer and report any improvements/issues as you have seen, in their appropriate forums. Thanks!
  14. We've updated Rust for the most recent EAC detection. Tests show it to be safe thus far. Compensation has already been given. If you need more information on how compensation works, please read: https://hypercheats.gg/topic/3946-how-we-compensate/
  15. Hi guys, Based on how much this happens, and how much extra time or potential pent up aggression it may create, I thought I'd give you a run-down of the communication path when it comes to Admins on HC. First and foremost. DO NOT use the DM system for support, you will do nothing but waste your time. 99% of responses will be very late, 80% of questions will be support related, thus ignored, 100% of the time we ignore our inboxes for days. Please stop wasting your time, and ours. We've set up the support system (https://hypercheats.gg/support/) specifically to give us an easy to answer and monitor system, it also opens up questions to multiple people that may have an answer, as opposed to just the one you are DM'ing. If you have a Technical Support/General Support/Account Support/HWID Support question, please ask it in the appropriate Support Ticket section. There is not need for myself or one of the other Devs to answer questions that are clearly explained in our Troubleshooting Guides, or our great Support staff have FAR more experience with dealing than us, since they support people with these issues on a day to day basis. Why do we ignore our inboxes so much? Literally 90% of messages that we get, are copy pastes of Support Tickets already opened, and likely answered. We can't remember what has been resolved and hasn't, and do not want to double-handle requests, as it is a massive waste of time. If you need support... Use the Ticket System provided. There are very, very few reasons that some people would have to contact an admin directly, the ticket system simply works better. We have on many occasions contemplated disabling our private messages, but we don't want to feel closed off from our community, but we also don't like getting spammed with things that simply do not require us, or have already been asked, and often answered, but please understand that if you don't get a reply for two weeks, or ever, it's likely because what you asked does not belong in our inbox. DM'ing an admin will not speed up a Support Ticket. We do our best to get to tickets within a 24 hour window at max, but please allow up to 48 hours, and do understand that opening multiple support tickets, in no way speeds up the process, if anything, it slows it down, and pisses us off. We do our best to get to our inboxes at least once a month...? See the difference? While we're on the subject... Please do not treat staff members with disrespect. They help you guys out at the cost of their own time, and HC takes great pride in taking care of our Supports. Not everyone is always going to have a positive experience from the start, like with most purchases in life, and our Supports are the reason why issues get resolved in a much more timely manner than they normally would. Please show them the respect they deserve. Sorry for the wall of text. TL;DR: Do not DM admins about support issues, use the ticket system Do not be disheartened or upset if you send a DM and it doesn't get answered, there are very few gems among the trash that is our inbox. Respect our Support team members, they are here to help. Never, ever, ever open a support ticket then DM the same thing to a staff member. Thanks. Have a great day.