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  1. Your sub does not start once you’ve redeemed the key. The gift card will give you account credit which you can use whenever you wish, in order to purchase a sub from our store.
  2. It's well past the 3rd now, please inform us of who you've given the accounts to.
  3. Drogo


    You've already been explained very well by both Naton and Synth about why this has no bearing on you. Here is where it has a bearing on us. Given what we do, we don't get to explain exactly what step we're at and when. When the status is set to Testing, it means 1 of two things. - We're checking what is causing issues OR we're checking if our changes have worked. Detected means we've found the issue and are working on a fix. Think of it as us communicating what point we're at. We offer compensation for both statuses regardless, so it makes absolutely no difference to you as a user if it's one or the other. Feel free to think of both as detected if you wish. It means we're not confident with the safety of it.
  4. Hi. Please DM me the BTC address you sent the funds to.
  5. If you want to make a post, please make a post. If you want to open a support ticket, please open a support ticket. Don't do both. Thanks.
  6. No, it is not ok to use the cheat, even if you are not HWID banned.
  7. In there interest of simplicity, I've added another section to the Status page. Explaining it would take too much time and effort, so as a temporary measure, I've separated the Rust and Apex spoofers.
  8. No, we do not. The only way to purchase via PayPal is through a re-seller.
  9. You were given very clear instructions to contact me via the same DM that you used for me to halt your sub. You have not done so, which would explain why you are not getting any answers.
  10. Google translate let you down on that one bud. Your last sentence made no sense.
  11. Drogo

    help pls

    Your question has been answered on your other post.
  12. @Legitt we do not accept USD as a currency either, the numbers are in USD simply to denote the price in USD. We accept BTC only, alternatively you can use PayPal via a re-seller and they will convert your BRL accordingly.
  13. Given that this question is still very prevalent, I thought I'd post this to get everyone on the same page. Here is how compensation works: 1) You only get compensated if you purchased BEFORE the safety status was changed from 'Undetected'. 2) Compensation applies to any status besides 'Undetected' (Maintenance/Investigating/Testing/Detected). 3) Compensation is calculated by days, not hours, and will only apply if the status changes from 'Undetected' for more than 24 hours. 4) Compensation is given based on how many days your sub would've still had on it, if the status remained 'Undetected'. 5) Compensation applies not just for detections, but for periods when the cheat stops working due to a Game Update, so long as the cheat remains unusable for 24 hours or longer. 6) Compensation does NOT get given for personal issues. 7) Compensation does NOT get given for feature issues. How we calculate compensation: Sub1 length = 7 days Sub ends Jan 8 Sub2 length = 30 days Sub ends Jan 31 Both subs purchased = Jan 01 Status changed to Investigating = Jan 04 Status changed to Undetected = Jan 15 Sub1 (minus) Investigating = 3 days of safe use (4 day compensation) on Jan 16, Sub ends Jan 20 Sub2 (minus) Investigating = 3 days of safe use (11 day compensation) on Jan 16, Sub ends Feb 12 Common misconception: Sub1: I saw on the forums that some people got 11 day comp, but I only got 4 days, wtf? Your subscription (minus) days you got UD = How much you will be compensated. If you've purchased 1 week, got 3 good days, and you think we will compensate you 11 days, you are mistaken. Compensation is given on however much time an unsafe/unknown status has taken away from your existing sub. Common misconception 2: I bought during detection, how come I'm not getting compensated? Easy, you made that choice. There are different types of players out there. Some are happy to rage and get banned, or play a few hours get banned and not care for a second, others, value lasting long. If we were to compensate people buying during detection, the first group of people could get a massive amount of extra days to their subs, on purpose. We will only compensate unexpected issues. PAY ATTENTION, when you purchase your sub. If you care that it is potentially not safe, then wait. If you don't care... Enjoy. We give you all the information necessary to make your decision, but we can not, and will not be held accountable for your inability to read. You can take the horse to the water, but you can't make it drink. We give you the information, but it's up to you to read it.
  14. I would advise using the HWID spoofer at all times unless instructed by us to do otherwise. There is no point risking your hardware by not using it.