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    Pay per day

    Buy a day. Test :).
  2. Hi, Thanks for the heads up. We'll look into it.
  3. Hi there, We still suggest 1903, as it is the latest version we've specifically worked with. 1909 seems to work for most users, but not all, so we don't want to make any guarantees with regards to it.
  4. Well... This has been something we’ve been discussing. We know there is a market for it, we’re not quite sure how big that market is, but we do have some assets already in place for this, so it’s a definite ‘maybe’.
  5. Do please keep in mind that the Kakao version is not up to speed yet.
  6. Yeh, that was potentially my bad. I made a booboo in the most recent security update and broke some things. That should be resolved now. Only time and people's tears or smiles will tell.
  7. There was a 25 gig patch... People like you... Sigh. @MrCoolAze I'm currently in the process of downloading the new patch and will fix it soon after.
  8. Hi guys, I'd like to start off by apologising for the recent admin absence. Between holidays, people going away, work on trying to improve our framework and a little bit of needed time away, we're back. Properly. To start off, I'd like to assure you that all things that have caused loss of subscription time will be addressed. Tickets: The ticket system was a mess, with a multitude of repeat requests, making it literally impossible to answer queries once we got back. I've gone ahead and closed all open tickets, and I encourage you all to please re-open the ticket if you had an issue. Your previous ticket will be visible, and we will be able to determine how much time you've lost due to our absence. Please note that we are thinking of a re-vamp of the ticket system and it's currently quite cumbersome and will basically strip people away from getting help in certain situations. Please ensure that you consolidate your issues into one ticket to avoid it getting out of control. I hope the EAC and BE changes that have been implemented and are coming soon will show you that we've not in any way given up, we just took a hiatus, and now we'll be back to full capacity. Please bear with us while we attempt to make some much-needed changes on here. After lengthy discussions we've realised that our structure needed some changes, and we will be implementing those changes in the coming weeks, and anything you need to know will be communicated. Once again, please accept our apologies for the time it has taken us to get our thoughts and ideas together and to get back to servicing you at 100%. We'll make it up to you :).
  9. Correct. The days of downtime will be compensated. Sorry for the delays, Valentine's Day weekend took us away from work.
  10. As mentioned in our 'We're back' message, all DM's have been wiped due to the cancer that we came back to. If you messaged me prior to that day, you will not be getting a reply. Please send me another DM. @peyyton https://hypercheats.gg/store/
  11. You can't download the loader without a sub. According to our records, you tried to purchase a sub 4x yesterday but none were paid for. If you are saying you've paid, please provide me with the transaction ID related to the purchase. Thanks.
  12. We backtrack detection days if we notice there were issues before we changed status.
  13. I’ll say it will be roughly 24 hours but no promises. Never know what might pop up 😛
  14. We are aware and already working on the update.
  15. Hi there, As always, compensation will come for all users at once. We apologize for the delays.
  16. Heya Monkey, Nothing of the sort has happened. What's the point of 'running away' without an exit scam? Cmon now... We're not that silly. You will often hear bullshit like that because we're one of the biggest providers of such software out there, and everyone likes to think that they know more. I've explained our situation in my most recent blog post, however, everything is going back to normal as of today. Any lost time will be compensated, as always. We've never failed to do that, and we do not plan to start that now. @Qyrie our PUBG cheat was safe for over 11 months. Detections happen sure, but you can't ignore a record like that because eventually it happened. At the end of the day, this is a game of cat and mouse. @davidjohnhowlett I find that rather disappointing coming from you, given how many times I've tried to help you out with issues that you've had. Ahhh well.
  17. Hey hey, Yeh, that's fair enough and understandable, again, we apologize for the lack of action and discussion, we'll give you more information as we go forward, and expect to see us active on the website once again.
  18. Drogo

    1909 sup

    Hi there, It works for some, but not all. We haven't yet invested any time in trying to make sure there are no issues with 1909, but that is definitely on the table. For the time being, we suggest using 1903.
  19. Hi Pray, I'd like to please continue this conversation with you. Please open up a ticked under accounts as I've got a couple of questions in regards to your sub. Thanks.
  20. Drogo

    Back to work

  21. Hi Albanian, Compensation comes once we're happy with the status of the cheat. That hasn't been the case until very recently. Sorry for the lack of activity, we did kind of neglect the public aspect of HC, we've been working behind closed doors pretty hard and I believe this will become very evident with changes recently made and changes to come. Sorry for the delay, we will get it all sorted.
  22. Drogo

    Christmas Period

    Hi guys, Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and advise you that due to the Christmas Period being here, we are expecting delays in responses to support tickets and general inquiries. Please bear with us, and rest assured that we will do our best to fix up loss of time incurred due to our unavailability during this period. We hope you all enjoy your holidays!
  23. Thanks for your review. We’re aware that the Rust cheat could very much benefit from an optimisation run, we’ve just been too busy trying to stay ahead of detections and what-not to concentrate or be able to justify spending time on optimisation. Regardless, we will be taking a good long look at that aspect of it in the near future.
  24. Hi there, The solution is buying another account that has DayZ on it. There is no way to circumvent account bans.
  25. Hi there, Not really. Features such as ESP are a pain in the ass for devs to detect, and quite easy for us to fix, so they always try to dig a lot deeper than that, which is why usually if it's detected, it's detected whether you are just using ESP or not. In general theory, using nothing but ESP will make it less likely you get banned due to other variables such as an admin watching your game-play, or your KDA.