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  1. I have a smurf account. Got it for like 8 Dollars. Its not cracked and I verified my email. Then I can play ranked with it. And I will play more legit next time xD. Stay tuned for another video xD
  2. I know. It is my first day cheating in r6. I cheated in csgo before and I knew how to hide it. But I was so exited lol
  3. Thanks lol. I was an active youtuber. That was about 2 years ago xD. If I can afford it, I'll buy the Level 2 cheat and make another video. I've been thinking about buying the cheat for a month, but it's really expensive. But the level 1cheat is so good. Lower ban rate. So stay tuned lol
  4. Hi there. I made a little video / montage with the r6s level 1 cheat. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPFRfFiW_G0
  5. Hi there, I have just a little question about the cheat. If it works on my system, because I had some issues with other cheats that they didn´t work. I have an Intel Core i7 6700 3.40GHz Processor and the Windows Version 1903 (18362.239). Will it work on that system?