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  1. i mean the only thing im worried about is my name showing up in chat when i get game banned thats all i want to know
  2. What happens when the rust cheats get detected while your on a server? does it say your name in chat got banned or something? cause im wanting to use cheats but i dont want to get my clan in trouble if my name pops up.... also if anyone knows answer for rusty servers as well would be appreciated cause i know if rusty is the one who bans you then it shows but what happens if the cheat is detected and im on rusty servers? does it just not say anything and im just banned? .... oh and one last thing... does it being in testing mean its undetected and yall are just testing it? or is it still detected
  3. unfortunately im too broke to afford all that stuff 😕 so ill just save up
  4. esp only cheat for dayz? will there be a tier 1 option for dayz anytime soon? id love to buy just the esp and not all that other fancy smancy stuff... would help my budget as i cant afford 100 bucks a month at the time and dont have a need for all that fancy aimbot stuffs
  5. alright thanks! just wanted to know!
  6. thanks for the response also if i use the esp when the cheat gets detected does the esp have a less likely chance of getting me banned or is it just as likely as using tier 2
  7. If you have the cheat loaded but dont have the cheats on and active can you still get banned if it gets detected while playing? also does the player esp for rust get detected as easy as the tier 2? or is tier 1 safer to use...
  8. thank you both and i will stop from asking about providers on here from now on
  9. is there a provider for modern warfare cheats anyone recommends?
  10. Has there been a fix released by you guys for the activate windows staying there after using your cheats because ive had it for quite awhile im also getting blue screen error that says kernal something
  11. lemme know if you get banned while using