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  1. It's a nicer way of saying "we don't believe you because anyone can say anything on the internet."
  2. You don't have to lie to us. We all use cheat software lol. BattlEye doesn't give a shit about bad credit cards, they care about programs reading and/or editing protected memory. Unless you purchased a cheap account on Plati or something where they give access to anyone who pays for it. In which case, that's your fault for using a public account.
  3. Your best bet is to stop using cheats you found on YouTube and buy a new computer.
  4. I think he's just looking for a working spoofer, and I was told the only way to use it was to just buy a Level 1 sub since it isn't sold standalone. Was it taken off support, or was it hidden to keep Epic's lawyers off HC's ass?
  5. Against my better judgement, I'll break it down for you. Obviously, you need to be able to get ahold of Bitcoin and have an Intel CPU. 1) Purchase a cheap Level 1 sub. 2) Run the loader. 3) Use the spoofer when it asks if you want to spoof. 4) Close the loader. 5) Use a brand new, not banned Fortnite account to play. Obviously, you can only play while you have a sub to use the spoofer, and you'll have to do it every time you turn your computer back on or else that account will get banned. Also, Frotnite sounds like the title of a bad porno.
  6. Just buy anything from the store and use the Spoofer when it asks. Then just don't load the actual hack.
  7. Are you using a VPN? Perhaps your IP is flagged.
  8. Purchased many accounts here. Best place to buy a cheap, clean RB6 account for $11.
  9. You're not a VIP right now, so it's not going to come up. Manually typing in the URL to the post will lead you to see an "Access Denied" or "Not Found" error. Second, the software itself might not be detected. Notice how all the BE protected games are under investigation? It's likely that the injection vector or method is patched. That's why they're investigating. From folks that have been here much longer than me, they tell me that it really has been safe and undetected and they're surprised it's been safe for this long.
  10. Hey there, So I'm planning on using a VPN for a burner account for Rainbow Six. How does one go about it? Here's what I'm thinking: 1) Start HC Loader and select RB6 2) Start VPN 3) Open uPlay, start Rainbow Six: Siege That way, uPlay / BattlEye only see the VPN's IP address when I log into the account that may or may not get banned. Does this sound right?
  11. Hey there HC, I've got an old Intel system with an overclocked Q6600. Does this old architecture still support your software? Is there a huge problem using Windows 1903? Would it be saving me headaches just installing 1809? I'm conducting a fresh install anyways, so I'd just have to hunt down an install for 1809. I heard it can take time to verify a purchase. When does the clock start ticking? Can I buy a subscription now and not have the time start counting down until first injection? Will every subsequent purchase require verification? Thanks! I look forward to using your software!