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  1. Thank you so much and I appreciate the advice. I kept the watermark at bottom right to deter people stealing it which wouldn’t stop them anyway. This video was more of a sample of my editing skills. Anyway thank you so much for the response!
  2. Tweaking transformations, syncing, picking between 3 songs, smoothing cinematics, testing presets on Sapphire, trying to use different effects and not reuse some, finding perfect settings for CC Particle World on intro, making sure in transitions there was no clipping issues or black pixels, transforming time on certain clips, making sure the whole project has clean smooth flow, and going through 50+ clips to make sure I got the ones that fit perfectly for what I wanted. EDIT: ^ not meant to sound rude or anything, just giving a few reasons that took a large amount of my time. Also, thanks for the kind words I appreciate it.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIV-9C7_Dfg 9 hours of editing over 3 days later, and the video is done. Finding different methods of transition got hard, very fast.
  4. +rep| added me back on discord within minutes, sent me a link to his shop where the payment was simple. Received my account in under 5 minutes, I would definitely buy accounts from Lavi!
  5. Intel Processors only