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  1. We have resellers (Usernames in blue) that you can purchase with alternative payment methods. The turn around time to get manually activated by an admin can take up to 24 hours. You also do not get any cheat support through here, you would need to contact your reseller directly if you're in need of any help/support.
  2. Hello, welcome back! The status on the main page is if the cheat is up to date for the current version of the game itself, whereas the other status page indicates whether or not the cheat is undetected or not. The cheat for R6 is currently under maintenance due to a recent game update which broke the compatibility of the cheat.


    Yes, you have the option of using the spoofer with or without the cheat.
  4. If you just want the spoofer, just purchase the R6 Siege level 1 hack for $20 and use the spoofer implemented.