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  1. I will be uploading updated videos as the cheat gets updated and improved with more features.
  2. Bastian is very arrogant, made a deal with him to allow me to record with their cheat and when I tried to use it I got banned mid game every single time I tried after multiple OS installs. Earlier today I messaged him back so he could reset my HWID and give me cheat access again and he then got pissed because I didn't make a video with the time he had given me before even though nobody could play a single game without getting banned. So I recommend nobody buys from ub3r period. Not to mention, its external and the ESP is garbage, it's very delayed/slow and has very little features to offer.
  3. PUBG Level 2 cheat showcase. NOTE: Full rage cheating with silent aim, no recoil, and no spread as well as some normal aimbot clips. Cheat is 10/10 Enjoy ~ Video: https://streamable.com/4yqz7