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  1. I totally agree. For a public cheat, this is by far the best I've ever seen for Rust. Just playing 1 full day for me is amazing and I enjoy myself. But they do support a ton of games so they can't be working on Rust all the time with only 2 devs (that I know of).
  2. Must of been a pretty big update Rust had because it's been a while in investigating... 😞
  3. I would definitely wait as people are lasting like 2 hours and then banned as of right now. No Spread has been a unsafe feature for a while now, but when its Undetected, it's 100% worth buying. I would just wait until you can play longer than a few hours without a ban.
  4. If you are spoofed, it might not recognize your HWID, so restart it maybe?
  5. On most servers it will not say when you get banned from Rust from my experience. It will say if you get banned by the staff of the server, but not a game ban.
  6. Bitcoin cash is like the same thing as Bitcoin Core (BTC) but its worth a lot less. It does not equal $1 USD, it is in the hundreds I believe. Just another coin.
  7. Restarting your PC should fix the activation key problem. And if it doesn't, it does not matter anyway unless the watermark gets you very annoyed.
  8. No such thing as ETA's for cheats. Anything could go wrong and it could take days longer or even weeks
  9. Depends what is detected in the cheat. If a certain feature gets detected that only Level 2 has, then level 1 will be fine.