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  1. Is there any ETA for the Albion Online tool? ty for helping!
  2. Hi, does testing means its undetected but still testing or is it unkown?
  3. that i already did this. and i waited out 15 hours for like 3 times now.
  4. coinpayments.. its the only way to buy with that,
  5. it directs me to the site where it says i only have to wait now.. i cant choice anything.
  6. i know. but im asking if any1 knows how to help..
  7. do i have to manually send it, or do i just have to click on pay & checkout and then wait on the page they redirected me to.
  8. it says "15 hours left for us to confirm" but i waited 15 hours and nothing happend.
  9. Hello, i know i have to be patient buts i already tried it 2 times and waited 15 hours 2 times but no1 confirms the payments, i am now waiting for the third time. is there a way i can speed this up? or is the only option just wait another 15 hours?