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  1. One good thing is the HWID spoofer, best around.
  2. I've bought a lot of rust cheats that I can't mention here due to TOS but this has to be the most laggy cheat I have ever used. I even turnoff all of the options except the HP and Body ESP and it's still awful. Gonna get replies here with people vouching for it with their PC spec, all I'm saying is other hacks are way more optimised. I personally wouldn't recommend this cheat and regret investing in it given the good reviews.
  3. So I noticed that Rust Level 1 for a month (for example) is $75 (USD) on the store but when you go through the payment method for BTC it becomes $90 (USD).... What's the deal with that? Fees? If so; why isn't that included in the marketed price?
  4. Hey, Just wondering how long the rust cheat has been undetected for? Cheers