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    Hey, is dayz safe again or not ?
  2. pubg is not safe like dayz and rust lol
  3. yo, DayZ is 105% NOT safe to use banned after 2h playing and only with esp... s**ks
  4. but status page says always undetected lol
  5. idk bro the status from dayz say always safe, but it is not safe lol, so dont use it and wait, maybe they will give our days back
  6. yeah drogo saw my ticket alrdy hope they fix it and we dont get a ban (or a ban again lol)
  7. hey is the version 1909 supported ?
  8. 1 question, is the aimb on legit settings safe to use ?
  9. hey i cant send you a message on forum, so my question is, can u write me a message so that i can write u my other questions?! (pleaaase) :))
  10. kennody


    hey, when was the last detec. for dayZ ? have a nice day 😉
  11. so if im game banned, after restart im not longer banned ?