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  1. I still have not had compensation .. dear administrators you said that the days would be refunded on our keys ... why still nothing? why nobody informs us?
  2. Dear Admin ...after 7 days td2 cheat work ! when will customers be compensated for the 7 days off on our key? I activated the key on the day of the update but I was unable to use it because the cheat was not working .. now I have 23 days on my key,but I am sure as your regulation that I will have compensation for the update ... thanks and I am waiting for the compensation ...
  3. Admin told me sorted ... who can try to run cheat?
  4. How many days we need wait ?
  5. In point 5 of your regulation wr can read : Compensation applies not just for detections, but for periods when the cheat stops working due to a Game Update, so long as the cheat remains unusable for 24 hours or longer.... SO THIS DAYS will be compensated as promised by the hc regulation
  6. all of us customers understand your effort to solve as soon as possible in our and your interest the problem with the cheat of td2 after updating ... what is important that the timer on our keys is suspended until the problem is solved ....
  7. why nobody communicates something? What's up ?
  8. Ho guys..news about cheat? I m not at home and can not try if was fix or not..
  9. I hope the timer on our keys is suspended because we are not using the cheat .. I do not understand the lack of communications to customers ... how long do we have to wait?
  10. Hi guys...but now cheat work or not ? I try but not work
  11. I can not inject cheat too ....again problems??
  12. Hi guys... today cheat work.. loader run and cheat work well.. gg !