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  1. @Adrian ok me and other players had and will have patience..what I think is right for everyone is that the times are short and that your communications are official and not through resellers who cannot represent HC
  2. @Adrian good morning .. through the reseller I knew that td2 cheat has been updated and now the cheat works without crash ... I would have expected a HC communication but maybe I expect too much ... I as you know I have about 1 month of compensation and I want to know when you do so I can finally take advantage of the service I paid for but never been able to use for the known update problems ... thanks
  3. hi I write only to know if there are news on td2 cheat ... in this topic I don't want to talk about compensation and start controversies ... you have that it will be done and I believe it .. I just want to know if there are news in about solving cheat crash problems and if you really think that it will be solved in a short time ... thanks
  4. my key expires in 3 days and I have never been able to use the cheat .. it has not been working for about 1 month .. how will you do the compensation dear Adrian? you said that your customers are always satisfied ... ok! so when do you make the compensation?
  5. this is the only discussion page on td2 that has not yet been closed ... what we customers ask is to be informed of any development of the situation relating to the service we have bought but which we have not been able to use for 3 weeks .. we customers are the present and the future of each company because without us everything collapses .. so leave at least this discussion channel open to advise when you have solved the problem of td2 .. my key is about to expire and has more than 20 days of inactivity ... your compensation in words seems fast and efficient but in reality it has not yet arrived and the timer of the keys continues to run inexorably .. we wish you good work to solve our problems for td2 cheat which over time could also be your problems if all customers go to other providers ... thanks and best regards
  6. Hi.. anyone have news on td2 cheat?
  7. When a cheat work for just 3 minutes mean that NOT WORK ..... Admin fix it asap pls
  8. now nothing new .. I hope that HC programmers find a solution to this problem because the cheat is not working and we are paying for a service that is not working
  9. It work fine for about 2 hours...now again same problems...freeze and need restart!
  10. After the first crash ...game crash every 5 or 10 min ...i not open again loader just open game and cheat was inject..but after 5 min crash....
  11. now i see that game crash again every 15..20 min..if the problem is MISC pls no put it...
  12. I followed step by step the advice and after about 2 hours the game had no problems ... the cheat works regularly ... it would be perfect if you could at least activate faster movements because the boost hive with the injected cheat does not go faster ... is it possible to solve this little problem? thank you... Good Job
  13. I have tried with very low graphical settings but game freeze after some minutes... THE DIVISION 2 CHEAT NOT WORK NOW !