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  1. I am selling Steam accounts with a copy of the game 'Rust' on them. Cheapest price you can find for a fresh non-cracked account! [ONLY $6] These accounts ARE NOT cracked, therefore will not be taken back or recovered. I made them personally, so they will 100% work, you will get Email Access as well, so it's easier to change the password and such. Email access included so you don't have to bind a phone number to change the password. (Check my other thread for vouches) Format of the information: Steam Username:Steam Password:Email:Email Password I accept both Paypal F&F (G&S if you buy regularly) or BTC, just DM me 🙂
  2. Restocked!!! DM ME! Only selling via BTC or PayPal *FRIENDS AND FAMILY ONLY*
  3. Yea @essexpottsy My bad bro, copy pasted wrong acc to him, that was my mistake, refunded him.
  4. @essexpottsy You and you alone, out of 200 sales, have had an account stolen, as soon as I gave you the information, you sure someones in my shit bro?
  5. Accounts restocked! All rust accounts are now $6 USD! I accept both BTC and PayPal F&F DM me!
  6. It is now $7. Still the same, with Login, Password, and Email access. They were made by me, so there is no chance of them being taken back. Once sold, the account details is deleted from our database. Replying to DMs now.
  7. Thank you for all vouches. Over 150 accounts have been sold. Price has been increased to $7 🙂 Sorry for any disappointments
  8. Apologizes, but due to the stock running low, having sold almost over 100 accounts, the last few have had their price increased to $6.5. Stock on Selly has also been filled
  9. https://selly.gg/u/superman9537 The 1 negative review is some retard who's salty because I am able to sell at a lower price than him. Just for when I am offline
  10. @Hamana Please message me on HC, as using any other messaging platforms are forbidden according to rules.
  11. Stock is depleting quickly! Get em quick!
  12. Sorry for the inconvenience is caused, but email access is no longer available for now. I am out of stock for accounts that have emails included. If you want, you can bind the phone number to your account, then change the email, then remove the number, then change anything else you want to such as password/2FA. Know this, the account still has ABSOLUTELY ZERO chance of being taken back, information is only sold to you, then deleted from the database. These are not cracked account, I assure you that. You can still use it just by copying and pasting the username and password I give you after purchasing.
  13. @Josh2464 I prefer if you message me on HC messenger platform, as it follows the rules.
  14. Thank you all for the rep. @The1 i prefer if you just message me on the HyperCheats Message platform, as HC prefer it that way in the rules.