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  1. I am happy to hear that. I understand that things happen, and it does take time to get them sorted. We were just getting worried because there wasn't any word for months. Like I said, I always liked HC and enjoyed being part of the community, and am glad the admins are back.
  2. We have been waiting on compensation for rust since December, how is it that the loader has been updated multiple times, admins posting about other hacks, yet compensation hasn’t been given out yet? It doesn’t even take long to add time to peoples’ subs. I feel like we are being purposefully ignored and make it seem like we are being ripped off honestly. I always like HC but considering multiple people paid $150 and only got to use it for about two days, then when it’s been UD for 2 months no compensation, this is getting very sketchy and out of hand. If you are just going to sell detected cheats and have no compensation, and the very least update your compensation policy.
  3. any update on this?? People still waiting from December for comp
  4. Comp was supposed to be given for rust on Friday it’s Monday night....what is going on. It’s been over a month since it was set to undetected.
  5. It’s been almost 3 weeks. Pretty sure they don’t even compensate anymore. They should really update their “how we compensate” thread. Very misleading when you buy a $150 sub, use it for 3 days, then never get to use it again. Always used hypercheats but this is highly disappointing.
  6. What is going on it’s been like 2 weeks now it will prob be detected soon enough and no comp
  7. Yes, I did buy it when it was undetected. But if you didn't get the memo, they are giving compensation even if it wasn't undetected when you bought it as of right now.
  8. When does the compensation for rust hack usually come after undetected? looking forward to playing again ASAP :) bc I have the next 2 days off of work thanks