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  1. Is there at least 1 person who does not receive instant bans in dayz? I lost more than 12 accounts - the average duration of the game was 5 hours. And then VAC banned me. And after him, Battle Eye. I recently checked on my account without cheats - I lost everything normally for about 20 hours without a ban. The developer must figure it out and freeze the cheat on the update. When using HWID spoofer blocks for 1 hour of the game.
  2. I confirm I used only esp - I did not use misc, aim and speedhack. Got a ban on a new account after 3-5 hours of play. Used an HWID spoofer.
  3. Is there a solution that will replace Steam ID. I played cautiously in Dayz, but got a private server administrator ban. Can I get around this ban?